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What is Agitated Depression?

Agitated depression is just the opposite of what usually people think depression is. Commonly people would get drained and lethargic when depressed, but in this case the feeling of irritability, anger and agitation occurs. It comes under a completely separate category with vivid symptoms and cannot be mimicked by other kinds of depression. Medically it is referred to as ‘Unipolar’ depression that can take up two different outlooks in psychotic and non psychotic patients respectively.

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Agitated Depression

In psychotic depression the patient would usually hallucinate auditory as well as visual and would easily get frantic. Those who do not get any illusions but randomly become disturbed are the non psychotic depressed ones. Because of the unpredictability of this severe phenomenon it is also known as mixed mania. Agitated despair occurs mostly in elderly people who lose their power to tolerate with age.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of agitated depression come as an outburst of some signs such as hyper yelling and anger. Even slightest of problems which can be otherwise sorted out easily would seem huge to the person and he would shout and scream uncontrollably on everyone involved for no reason.

Hand wringing is another major indication which continues involuntarily in anytime that the person is sitting idle. Along with this comes the pacing problem too when the person keeps walking up and down the hall indoors having difficulty in sitting down. This form of motor depression creates instability in the mind and the person walks vigorously without bothering about the people around.

A few of them have a tendency to pull their clothing while they speak, and do it until the cloth rips off. Even talking for long periods unnecessarily and trying to exaggerate topic of discussion is also a warning of agitated melancholy.

Such patients have difficulty in defining their problems and hence end up piling up of extreme tension in their minds. This kind of depression is so fierce that they even get to the point of feeling suicidal and the person wants to die.

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How to treat it?

Nervous depression is quite difficult to cure by medicinal terms because the patient becomes very unstable to take prescribed drugs regularly. The only solution to it is to get psychiatric treatment by attending sessions consistently. The psychotherapy can help calm down the tensed mind and let out all the difficulties which they are unable to express otherwise.

If drug and psychotherapy is done simultaneously it can take up to a couple of months to show desirable results. But it has to be understood that agitated depression can only be brought down under control and never be eradicated completely. It can come back again if the person does not take proper post care measures and let the mind be restless.

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How to prevent it?

This kind of nervous depression can be prevented by regular mind exercises like meditation and yoga. Stress is the most dangerous cause of such a frantic disease and it can be recovered by relieving stress from the very base.

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