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Coping with Major Depressive Episodes

What is a Major Depressive Episode?

A Major Depressive episode (also known as major depression, clinical depression, and other forms of depression in the face of repeated episodes), is a mental disorder and it is not a sign of weakness, nor is it something you can overcome within a snap of your fingers. Depression is a chronic illness, which requires long-term treatment, in most cases. Depression can lead to a group of emotional and physical issues as well, and it affects how you think, feel, and behave. It also affects your eating and sleeping habits as well as your family, school and/or work. You may find it extremely difficult to engage in daily activities and may feel like you are worthless, which can lead to suicidal thoughts and attempts. However, all major depression sufferers can overcome it, with the help of medication, talking with a psychologist, psychiatrist and self-help exercises.

What are some self-help techniques?

Any form of depression can be difficult to overcome without any professional help and/or proper treatment. However, You should also consider some self-help techniques.


When you feel that a depressive episode is occurring, one of the things you can do to fight the feeling is to ignore it. The moment you feel yourself falling into an episode, you should immediately make yourself busy. Find someone to talk to and it does not have to be about your depression, speak on a happy, and friendly topic. You could also ignore the thoughts and feelings by writing everything you feel down on a sheet of paper. The key to fighting those negative and dull feelings that occur during a depressive episode is to distract your brain by making yourself useful and occupied. However, it is not easy to ignore a depressive episode, and it is even almost impossible to ignore a depressive episode, but it is a work in progress and you must work on changing your thought routine.


You have to accept that you are depressed, because when you are in denial of it, you just prolong the issue. When you accept that you are depressed, it becomes easier for you to confront the depression and to go seek help. Do not be afraid of the depression, and realize that you are bigger and stronger than it is. Accepting that you are depressed, does not make you weak, but makes you stronger than most.


Learn much as you can about depression, and write down everything you feel you need to know. Learning about depression, can also inform you on how it works and how to handle it. In addition, there are tons of depression forums and message boards online, where you could sign up and become a member to share posts about your struggles with depression. You can also read posts from others who are suffering from depression also, and relate to the experiences of those with major depression. You will also learn that you are not alone, and that there are others dealing with similar or even worse struggles as you. After gaining more knowledge about depressive episodes, eventually, you are going to know how to control it, and with the help of proper treatment to back you up.

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