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Is Alcohol a Depressant?


Should You Drink Alcohol When Your Depressed?


When people are depressed, they usually want to get their minds off of their stress and become happy. It is a misunderstanding that the most common solution to their problem is alcohol. People often times think that drinking alcohol will make their stress disappear, which is true but only for a brief period of time, when in reality alcohol actually enhances their feelings and leaves them more depressed than they were initially. The reason behind this is that alcohol is a depressant. A depressant slows your breathing, your ability to react fast, and also relaxes muscles. While drinking might relieve you from your stress, since it is a depressant it will make you feel ten times worse than you began with.


Depression affects almost everyone throughout the world. There are various reasons about why people get depressed but the most common ones are usually related to stress as well as emotional instability. Since depression depletes energy, most people tend to reach for alcohol because it can give them a temporary energy boost and a brief state of euphoria. While this may sound very appealing, it is actually very bad for them. The euphoria only lasts for a short time period but once it is over, alcohol can actually enhance their depression. The reason for the exaggeration of emotions is because there is a direct correlation between alcohol and depression. If initially you are not depressed, then constant drinking will eventually lead to depression. Drinking becomes a secondary problem because while you have to deal with your depression, you now have to deal with the side effects of alcohol as well.


Overcoming depression is not impossible but when you add drinking to the equation, the solution becomes even harder to find. The best thing a depressed person can do is not to drink alcohol. While the temptation is sometimes too much for a person dealing with depression, resisting will actually help them down the road. When people get sick and tired of dealing with both depression and alcohol, they tend to look for ideas on how to improve. The first and most important thing they should do is quit drinking. Once you eliminate alcohol, overcoming depression becomes five times easier.

Road to Recovery

Often times, people are scared away by the exhaustion that usually follows after thinking about all the things you have to do to get better. It is actually more efficient to focus on one to two things in the beginning. It is better to start out small because it is easier to focus on one thing rather than many. The first thing most people should do is keep a list of all the depressants they take. For most people this list is relatively small and only contains alcohol. Once you have made your list, you should start to avoid those things. It might not be easy to just completely stop drinking at first but after trying a few times, it will become effortless. The next thing many people should do is try to eliminate or lower their stress levels. With stress and depressants out the way, almost everyone will start to feel better and will be well on their way to happier life.

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