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Nervous breakdown and its indicators

A nervous breakdown is a disorder that results out of a prolonged stressful situation, and is basically when one becomes unable to cope with the situation that one may be in. This situation may be financial or even social, and the prolonged anxiety over the situation may have an effect on the normal life of a person, usually causing one to lose the ability to carry out their daily chores.

Symptoms Of a Nervous Breakdown

Is it a nervous breakdown?

This may be the question on your mind and it is important to shed some light on this issue, as there are a few symptoms of a nervous breakdown that have been observed across the affected individuals. The first symptoms to occur are usually mental and they affect the normal behavior of a person to a great extent. They include the following:

  1. Loss of sleep, where you may find yourself taking a long time to fall asleep and even when finally the sleep comes, it is not a deep one as the mind is unable to relax.
  2. Constant loss of concentration is an indicator of a nervous breakdown. The mind keeps on wondering and thinking on the disturbing situation and this worsens the already bad situation.
  3. Loss of appetite due to a disturbing issue may also be a symptom of a nervous breakdown, where one loses interest in their favorite delicacies.
  4. A nervous breakdown may also be indicated by loss of the natural sexual desire and also low libido among the affected persons, where it may eventually lead to impotence.
  5. Another key indicator of a nervous breakdown is usually a feeling of desperation and loss of hope in the situation that is affecting an individual. The situation seems like a mountain to the one facing it, and the loss of the will to solve it is usually eminent in the event of a nervous breakdown.

Are the symptoms only mental?

There are not only mental indicators but also physical indicators of suffering from a nervous breakdown, and these may include, among others, the following:

  1. Uncontrollable shaking of the muscles may occur in some individuals, though many people try to hide it in a bid to evade embarrassment.
  2. A nervous breakdown has an effect on the smooth functioning of the heart. The heartbeat increases due to anxiety or phobia and this may trigger other disorders like high blood pressure.
  3. With a nervous breakdown, the victim usually feels tired most of the times. This is usually as a result on the strain caused by the situation at hand, which one is unable to cope with.
  4. Other indicator of the nervous breakdown may be stomach upsets and indigestion as the body now concentrates on the disturbing issue and much energy goes into thinking, which disrupts even the digestion process.

If these symptoms start appearing in your life due to an issue that is disturbing you, it is often important to speak it out and try as much as possible to relax, don’t let the situation control you!

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