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Treatment for schizophrenia

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe brain disease which often manifests itself in adolescence or early adulthood. It has both negative and positive symptoms; some of the positive symptoms are delusions, hallucination, movement disorder and disorganized thoughts and speech. Most people suffering from this mental disorder also hear voices in their heads. Delusions involve having illogical or untrue beliefs. For example, they believe that they are great leaders or that other people are trying to harm them. On the other hand, negative symptoms are self-neglect, reduced emotion and lack of motivation. Moreover, there are some cognitive symptoms which are subtle and include memory problems, difficulty in focusing attention and limited insight.

Treatment for schizophrenia

Once you have identified the symptoms of the disorder you should now proceed to the treatment options. Is there available treatment for Schizophrenia? Currently, there is no cure for Schizophrenia, but many patients can be successfully relieved with medication and professional counseling or therapy. Some of the available options for managing the disease are:

Antipsychotics: This is most common used medication for this mental disorder. This medication is used by 70% of the people and it has been proven to reduce the relapse of the disorder by up to 40%. The antipsychotics include: Thorazine, Fluanxol and Haloperidol which are effective for treating the positive symptoms of the disease.

Antidepressants: People suffering from schizoaffective disorder are recommended for this medication. They reduce the depression symptoms which are common in Schizophrenia sufferers.


This is the most effective treatment for schizophrenic sufferers. This is behavioral treatment which is capable of reducing the relapse rate of the symptoms to only 25%. Psychotherapy can be classified into cognitive therapy, family therapy and psychoeducation. They assist the patient in overcoming the symptoms and adapting to a normal life in the society. Cognitive and behavioral therapy in treatment. With the use of mental exercises and self-observation, cognitive therapy helps the individual recognize realty, organize their thoughts and improve their memory.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy helps patients to analyze their hallucination and identity the presence of delusion. By experiencing increased awareness of reality, patients are able to improve the quality of their lives. Family therapy. Interaction with family and close friends in a positive manner is very important in the recovery process for sufferers of schizophrenia. This disorder makes it difficult for people to continually take medication, cope with therapeutic appointments and maintain a conscious awareness. Empathetic family members can appreciate the challenges being faced by a loved and help them overcome the emotional turmoil.

Occupational therapy

This is a rewarding way to help a person suffering from a mental disorder. BY guiding a patient through physical activities, they can learn practical and positive ways on how to improve their situation.

Alternative treatment

Patients are advised not to explore alternative treatments before getting medical treatment first. Alternative treatments will be more useful when they are combined with anti psychotics taken under the direction of the doctor. The symptoms can be greatly reduced by dietary supplements which includes herds and vitamins.

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