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Vitamin D and depression: A unique relation

Many people have become victim to depression. The person suffering from depression feels many negative feelings like sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness and so on. It’s like the person is suddenly attacked with all the negative feelings which starts to affect his/her behavior, thoughts and feelings. It causes many reactions like loss of appetite, concentration problem, suicidal tendencies, insomnia etc. Recently, the number of people suffering from depression has increased a lot. It may be due to current lifestyle, family problems, emotional trauma, use of some medications etc. Many researchers have found the deficiency of Vitamin D is one of those causes of depression. They have been able to prove that Vitamin D and depression are connected to each other.

The decrease in amount of monoamines in the brain causes depression in people. The consumption of Vitamin D increases the amount of monoamines and cures depression. The most important source of Vitamin D is the sun. There are many factors that affect our ability to absorb the sunlight or other sources of this vitamin. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways by which you can overcome these factors and take benefit of the ‘sunshine’ vitamin to cure depression.

Go outside:

If you want to absorb the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, then go outside. If you expect to absorb sunlight by sitting inside the car or home, then you will be greatly disappointed because the vitamin cannot penetrate through glass. So, to overcome this factor that affects your ability to absorb sunlight, you need to go outside and have fun.

Take vitamin D supplements if you are using sunscreen:

Sunscreen blocks almost 95% of sunlight. Thus your body will not be able to absorb the important properties of sunlight and as a result you might face distress. Even low SPF sunscreen affects your absorption power. But, you need the sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful rays of sunlight. So, to solve this problem you should take vitamin D supplements. Thus the sunscreen will protect you from sun’s harmful rays and the supplements will maintain the amount of vitamin D in your body.

Dark skinned people needs more exposure to sunlight:

The absorption power of dark skinned people and light skinned people is very different. The dark skinned people need 25 times more exposure to the sunlight than the light skinned ones. This is because the dark skin hinders the absorption process. So, if you have dark skin then you should look forward to more exposure and supplements to take benefit of the sunshine vitamin.

Contact your doctor for Vitamin D prescriptions:

You should use the Vitamin D supplements only after referring your doctor. Any kind of supplements and medications should be used only after the doctor provides you with prescriptions. So, if you need high amount of Vitamin D then you should contact your doctor for the prescription.

You should never ignore the deep relationship between Vitamin D and depression. This vitamin could actually save you from the distress, sadness, pessimism, misery and sorrow. You can absorb this vitamin directly from sunlight or you can consume it through foods like fish, eggs, milk etc.

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